Khoa h?c K-8

Classroom Learning

All classroom learning until further notice will be done through Google Classroom. Students must use their St. Paul emails to access their classroom.

Office Hours:

5th, 6th, 7th & 8th Grade: Monday/Wednesday/Friday 10am- 1pm

3rd & 4th Grade: Tuesday/Thursday 10am-1pm


Hello Students and Parents,

In order to make the best of our online learning, I am going to set up Office Hours where I will be at my computer, able to answer questions or video chat if need be. The half-hour or so leading up to this I will be answering emails from the previous evening (just so you know when you can expect to hear from me). I also have the Google Classroom app on my phone so if students have questions outside of Office Hours, I will respond as I am able. My hope is this will keep us all on a regular schedule. If you are unable to meet these hours but would like to chat with me, I would be happy to set up a conference call upon request.

To clarify, students are NOT required to be online at this time, however I will be available if questions come up! As homework starts being assigned, students will be able to private message me through the assignment with their questions.

Along with Office Hours, I will begin sending out assignments (via Google Classroom) on Sunday and then will be due on Friday at 3pm (after Office Hours so students can ask any final questions). Students can submit their homework directly in the assignment on Google Classroom.

My email is at the bottom of this page if you need to contact me!

Class Announcements

Due Date
Complete "Rosalind Franklin" Worksheet
Complete DNA Worksheets
9. 3 Reading Review page 297, #3, 4, 5, 6 in notebook
Tues 3/24 9am
Complete 25.4 Galaxies and Universe Worksheet
Chapter 25 Review Stars and Galaxies Worksheet
Wed 3/25 9am
9.3 Notes
9.3 RKC Worksheet
Wed 3/25 9am
Wed 3/25 9am
9.3 Notes
9.3 RKC Worksheet
Tues 3/24 9am
Wed 3/25 9am

s? ki?n s?p t?i

Earth Day: April 22nd

Class Links and Resources

Google Classroom: Students must use St. Paul Google Account

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Meet the Teacher

Science Specialist K-8
B.A.E. in Elementary Education/Science, , Western Washington University

April is excited to take on her first job as a full-time teacher at St. Paul. With a passion for science, she hopes to encourage students to engage with their wonders about the world. While supporting academic success, she also strives for students to grow in their personal lives and as members of a community.


?Outside of school, I like going on walks with my dad around Seattle, always with a Starbucks in hand, and crafting with my mom. Evenings I like to watch cheesy movies and tv, or just hang out with friends. I spend summers working at an overnight camp where I get to do my favorite outdoor activity: kayaking. I love all things Disney and my favorite area of science is Marine Biology.?