St. Paul School Seattle

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St. Paul School opened its doors in 1954 with the Sisters of the Holy Cross running the school.  We’ve grown and changed over these past 60+ years.  St. Paul School puts an emphasis on teaching the whole child and supporting the growth of each child.  We strive to meet each student where they are in their own learning journey.  We challenge them and help push their forward in their learning and successes.  

While we started out as a parish school run by the Sisters of the Holy Cross, we returned to those roots today with our partnership with the University of Notre Dame’s Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) Consulting in 2013. The partnership with ACE has helped us build a blended learning program to support learning and growth for all of our students.  We are also very appreciative of the vast support from the Fulcrum Foundation and its donors for our blended learning program.  With the financial support of Fulcrum and the consulting support from ACE, we are excited to watch our students grow even faster than before. 

Our students in grades K-8 use computers in language arts and math classes.  The software programs they use support the learning that takes place through the teacher’s instruction, while also giving each student the individualized support that they need by providing opportunities for reteaching, extra practice and challenging work at their own level.

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Ana Foukimoana

Interim Principal


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