Our Learning Program

Vision & Philosophy

The St. Paul Early Learning Center was established to provide children with a safe, nurturing, positive and collaborative community that prepares them for success in kindergarten. The family is an essential partner in this work and we will work closely with you throughout your time with us.

Children will have time to play and participate in research-based learning which builds a strong foundation for early literacy though cross-curricular activities, and a focus on social-emotional development preparing them for kindergarten and beyond.


The curriculum we have adopted is World of Wonders. It Supports Kindergarten Readiness and Introduces children to instruction that builds strong foundational skills for success in kindergarten with:

• A focus on letters, oral language, knowledge-building, and listening comprehension

• Development of social-emotional skills

• Math content that is developmental and recursive

• Integration of science, social studies, and music in every unit

• Student support through differentiated pathways, including English learners and children with special needs.

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Religious Instruction

St. Paul Early Learning Center integrates faith and learning. Students are taught from a Catholic perspective respecting the dignity of every person. Their time with us will help them develop their God-given abilities and talents and recognize that they are loved unconditionally by God.

Our entire curriculum is infused with faith. We stand in awe of God’s creations and learn great stories in the Bible and celebrate the seasons of the church.

Students will know they are a part of God’s family and begin to understand in a simple way what that means for them in the world. We focus on creation, new life, love, and friendship.


Our curriculum is bursting with music and art which not only enriches the academic experience but is also very engaging.

St. Paul ELC believes in the importance of service to others. We have built in service opportunities for families and students to participate in throughout the year which serve our local community. See our Year at a Glance for more information.