Physical Education K-8

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Kindergarten P.E. Overview
Students are required to wear athletic shoes on P.E. days (even if it is a free dress day) for their own safety.

It will be a joy to see the Kindergarten class learn and grow together throughout the year. Their transformation from August to June is truly remarkable. The focus in Kindergarten P.E. is on learning and following rules and routines. This leads to cooperative play which is the foundation of the 1st through 3rd grade P.E. curriculum. A typical class will entail an aerobic warm up followed by one or two large group games.

Class Schedule: Monday and Wednesday

1st-4th Grade P.E. Overview
Students are required to wear athletic shoes on P.E. days (even if it is a free dress day) for their own safety.

In first through fourth grade P.E. students are introduced to a larger variety of more complex games and activities as their physical and mental maturity increases. Sport specific drills and games are rotated into the curriculum and loosely tied to the C.Y.O. sports calendar. Sportsmanship and personal effort are heavily emphasized.

Class Schedule:
1st Grade: Monday and Wednesdays
2nd Grade: Tuesday and Friday
3rd Grade:?Tuesday and Friday
4th Grade:?Monday and Tuesday

5th-8th Grade P.E. Overview

The first 4 weeks will be working to establish rules and expectations and progressing toward skill building in aerobic and strengthening exercises with an emphasis on seasonal athletic sports.

5th through 8th grades?rotate through the following sports units during the school year: soccer, football, basketball, handball, pickle ball, badminton, floor hockey, volleyball and ultimate Frisbee. All students participate in Presidential Physical Fitness testing at the beginning and end of the year.

Class Schedule:
5th Grade:?Thursday?and?Friday
6th Grade: Monday and?Thursday
7th Grade:?Tuesday and?Thursday

8th Grade: Tuesday and Thursday

Students are required to dress down for P.E. and wear athletic shoes (even if it is a free dress day): appropriate t-shirt and black or navy shorts and gym shoes. Sweat pants are permitted when the weather gets colder.?Students who do not have the appropriate P.E. attire will be sitting out the class period and will be given assigned tasks to help out in the activity. I am always willing to allow the first incident to slide but thereafter students overall grade can be affected.

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Meet the Teacher

Physical Education PK-8 & Social Studies 8th Grade
B.A. in Speech Communication w/ minor in drama, University of Washington; Recreation & Management, Green River College; Teacher Certification, City University

Darold was born in Seattle and raised in Issaquah. He has worked in education and recreation is many capacities! He previously worked for the Issaquah School District as a custodian and in the Rec department at both Bellevue and Seattle Parks and Recreation. Darold has been teaching since 1992. Darold?s teaching experience includes 12 years in the Kent School District teaching PE, Health, and Reading; 11 years in the Tahoma School district teaching PE and Health; 3 years at Glendale Lutheran teaching PE and Music; and 1 year at All Saints Puyallup teaching PE and Music.

?I currently live in Kent with my wife. We have two boys David and Zane. I look forward to many more years of teaching brilliant students everywhere!?