Kindergarten Homeroom

Classroom Learning


Laugh out loud
Walk in the mud
Put chocolate fingers everywhere
Like to be tickled
Scribble in class
Whisper in loud voices
Run and laugh when they fall
Cover themselves in Band-Aids
Slurp their soup
Ask a million questions
Give us sticky, pasty creations
Hug us in a hurry and rush outside without their coats.
-?Author Unknown-

Class Announcements

We are so excited to announce that our Class Auction Project, "We are the World: A Travel Kit' is ready! This includes a world map on canvas, 2 polaroid cameras, and a photo album. Please keep an eye out for it during our School's Auction on March 7th! See you there!



Upcoming Events

February 26: ?? Ash Wednesday

March 6: ? ? ? ?? Noon Dismissal; Free Dress Day

March 7: ? ? ? ?? School Auction

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Coming soon!

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Meet the Teacher

Lei Bernadette Pre

Kindergarten Homeroom
B.A. in Psychology; M.A. in Early Childhood Education, De La Salle University


Lei came to St. Paul School in 2014 with nine years of teaching experience under her belt. Eight of those years were spent in the Philippines as an Early Childhood Educator in a preschool center and an international school before settling in the US.??Lei is no stranger to Catholic schools having graduated from three of them, herself. When she is not teaching, Lei enjoys dancing, reading a good book and traveling with her family.

?I have dedicated my life to becoming a teacher who is passionate, reflective, and committed to providing a well-balanced, supportive, and engaging learning environment for all the children in my care. I was extremely grateful to have been given the chance to serve at St. Paul.??